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Are you looking for affordable, basic obedience training for your puppy or adult dog?  Are you finding it challenging to get to a group class?  Do you need a more flexible schedule?  In-home dog obedience training can be particularly helpful as it provides personal attention and eliminates distractions. It can be challenging for you and your dog to train in a strange environment with other dogs and people not to mention strange noises and smells.

Working in your home allows us to focus completely on you, your dog and training in a safe, familiar environment. This allows us to move at your pace and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Once you and your dog are familiar and comfortable with the training, I highly encourage you to take your dog out into the world to practice what you’ve learned. Once the foundation has been laid at home, you will find that your outings will be more relaxed and successful. Learn more about us on the About Us page.

Korra practicing Down and Stay, two commands learned in obedience training.
Korra at Mirror Lake State Park, Baraboo, WI Traveling is a joy with a well-behaved dog

Dogs Want Us to Lead

Dogs want to be the Sentries and want us to the Leaders. They want to let us know that there is Something that we need to investigate. Barking is the most common method but this could also include whining, pacing or any number of actions. This is useful until they don’t want to stop doing it. This communication breakdown can lead to annoyance and frustration.

While it is not their first choice, dogs will take on the leadership role if they do not feel that we are stepping up. As a result, the dog may continue to bark after we tell them to stop. Through our in-home dog obedience training we can shift the dynamics by helping your dog understand his role in your home as well as strengthen the bond between you and your dog, working together rather than in opposition to one another.

Korra on Sentry duty.
Korra on Sentry duty: She will let me know of anything unusual, knowing I will take the lead.


Dogs are not people. They are dogs with their own ideas and beliefs, behaviors and needs.  Because we love our dogs so much, we often humanize them.  By attaching our human emotions to them, we are, in my opinion, disrespecting the dog.  They are such amazing beings that we need to appreciate them for themselves.  By understanding their needs, our relationship with them will become easier and more relaxed.

Zuko as a pup

we love ccs!


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  1. I am a disabled veteran looking for a coach to help my SHADOW become the service [ptsd] dog that she had shown the aptitude for , she as of late helps me just need to fine tune her blocking and other tasks

    1. I’m so sorry for the delay in my response! I cannot help you as it is way out of my experience. My breeder, CherCar Kennels in St. Johns, Michigan may be able to help or refer you to someone more local.

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Our family welcomed Blue to our home when he was just 8 weeks old. He is a giant breed puppy, a mix of Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain dog. We knew right away that with such a huge dog we want him to be well trained so that he is a good member of our family (especially with our 3 small kids) and we want to be able to take him out into our community with us safely. Our vet recommended working with a dog trainer. Susan Walker has helped us be the best dog owners we can be. She has a beautiful gift working with animals and makes dog training (or more like human training) easy, accessible, and fun. She is very flexible with our busy schedules and works with our dog’s learning attention span, sometimes lessons are half an hour and other days we are on a roll and work for an hour. Susan always follows up with an email that reviews what we learned and helps us to use consistent language with Blue our puppy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a collaborative dog training experience.

Jill M