Our family welcomed Blue to our home when he was just 8 weeks old. He is a giant breed puppy, a mix of Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain dog. We knew right away that with such a huge dog we want him to be well trained so that he is a good member of our family (especially with our 3 small kids) and we want to be able to take him out into our community with us safely. Our vet recommended working with a dog trainer. Susan Walker has helped us be the best dog owners we can be. She has a beautiful gift working with animals and makes dog training (or more like human training) easy, accessible, and fun. She is very flexible with our busy schedules and works with our dog’s learning attention span, sometimes lessons are half an hour and other days we are on a roll and work for an hour. Susan always follows up with an email that reviews what we learned and helps us to use consistent language with Blue our puppy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a collaborative dog training experience.

Jill M